When it comes to planning a family portrait session the most important family members should never be forgotten! If your pet can come to the session then I will capture their personality and hopefully make it fun for them too!

I also do sessions just for your pets. I know that some animals  prefer to stay at or around their home. A bespoke session will be planned around your individual needs.

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains un-awakend!"

             Anatole France

Bilbo's story

Bilbo came for a session with little Evelyn the newest arrival to their family. He was only two and a beautifully behaved Cocker Spaniel, who rather disliked being left out of the action, so he crawled under my leg and stayed snuggled there happily as I photographed his mum and dad.

A month later I was devastated to hear that Bilbo had passed away very suddenly following a short illness! He is my inspiration for wanting to photograph more of our pet friends and family!

"We're so happy that we can remember Bilbo in the pictures you took which captured him beautifully!"


The session fee secures your session and covers my time of a one hour photo shoot on location or in your home¹.

The session fee does not include any products

Complete professional editing of up to 25 images.

Images will be available to purchase after your viewing session where you will be able to choose from our products.

A sneak peek posted on my page on Facebook².

The full session fee is required to secure your session and is non refundable.

There will be further charges for locations depending on distance¹

Prices are subject to change at any time without notice.

Current prices can only be secured with payment of the session fee.

I will respect your privacy if you do not wish for your images to be shown on Facebook²

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