Newborn sessions are as individual as the baby being photographed. Whilst I have an ever growing collection of beautiful props and blankets I find it important to add that personal touch. If parents have blankets, soft toys or comforters they would like to include I try my best to get them in the images. With more relaxed lifestyle sessions babies can sleep in whatever position is comfortable to them. I will always listen to the baby and keep them as comfortable as possible throughout.

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As a mother I know only too well how fast our babies grow, it's easy to forget how tiny they were. Newborn sessions are best carried out in the first 10-14 days after birth. However, it is not always possible to photograph a baby in the very early days, I am only too aware of issues that can arise after the birth for both mother and baby, so appreciate that parents may wish to have their babies photographed when they're a little older.

Henry was seven weeks when he came for his photo shoot and Layla six weeks.

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Both Henry and Layla were amazingly happy and smiley babies, they were happy just taking the world in and slept for only a very brief moment. 

Newborn safety

During a newborn session I have to handle the babies in order to settle them and get them ready for each image. I only do this with consent from the parents.

Safety and comfort are my highest priority, especially as the babies are so fragile in the early days of their lives. I handle them as if they were my own baby, I will comfort them and do my very best to settle them in to a deep sleep. I always make sure someone is close to the baby, even when positioning on a bed, they may look and feel very secure but the startle reflex can be very strong and as such I ensure babies are watched at all times.


Session Fee includes:

Up to a three hour session in your home. 

My time and experience

Up to 30 professionally edited images.

Images will be available to purchase after your viewing session where you will be able to choose from our products.

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The session fee does not include any product's

After your session you will have the option to choose from our packages here.

The full session fee is required to secure your session and is non refundable.

Prices are subject to change at any time without notice.

Current prices can only be secured with payment of the session fee.

I will respect your privacy if you do not wish for your images to be shown on Facebook¹

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