Once you have decided you wish to order a canvas it can be pretty daunting deciding what size you need for a room. Especially when ordering large prints. Then comes the decisions for which size frame, what wrap, coloured, blurred, mirrored..... The options are plenty. Hopefully this guide will help.

First, choose your image.

Untitled photo

Now choose your size.

More sizes are available but this gives you a good visualization on what to expect. It also shows how certain sizes can have quite a detrimental effect on how the image is cropped.

Now choose your depth. The 20mm canvas is stapled neatly on to the frame with galvanized staples. The 38mm frame is taped for a neater appearance and comes with wood wedged corners for a perfectly tensioned canvas. Felt coins are added to protect your walls.

Both are on European pine fixed frames. The wood is knot free to prevent warping.

All the canvases have tight concealed corners. The mount fixture ensures the canvas can be hung easily and the canvas sits flush to the wall.

All our canvases have a laminated surface for ultimate protection.

No cracking, water resistant, scratch proof and UV protection for up to 200 years.

Once you have decided on where you want to put your wall art and what size frame contact us via the  link at the bottom of our page to place your order.

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